Paul Kidd, Work System Facilitator

SPC Solutions

Statistical process control (SPC) is the application of statistical methods to the monitoring and control of a process to ensure that it operates at its full potential. The use of SPC enables shop floor operators to know when they should intervene in the process and when they should leave it alone. SPC also helps managers determine if their processes are capable of producing to customer specifications or if a technology change is needed to reduce scrap, waste, and rework. Contact us if you need to:


  • Determine the critical variables you need to control in order to maintain outputs

  • Create control standards that define targets, limits, and corrective actions

  • Establish process behavior charts

  • Implement real-time SPC Software

  • Teach operators, supervisors, and managers how to use SPC to reduce variability and improve processes

  • Perform measurement capability studies (Gage R&R)

  • Perform process capability studies

PSKidd Consulting is an authorized distributor of Datalyzer International SPC Software products. Click here for more information about DataLyzer Software.