Paul Kidd, Work System Facilitator
DataLyzer SPC Software
DataLyzer provides a full line of software products that enable to you and your workforce to make better real-time decisions about controlling your processes. From SPC training to plant floor utilization, DataLyzer software will provide you with the ability know when to intervene in the process and when to leave it alone. Your managers and staff will be able to utilize the information gathered from the shop floor to make quality improvements and cost reductions. Let me show you how using DataLyzer products can improve your bottomline.
DataLyzer Spectrum
SPC software offering real-time data-entry and instant operator feedback. Click here for a software demonstration.

DataLyzer Gage
Gage management software that facilitates calibration and measurement system analysis. Click here for a software demonstration.

SPC Wizard
SPC theory and statistical training packages with software supported exercises. Click here for a software demonstration.
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